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Kima Status

Know where you are in the fundraising process, in real-time.

If you have applied for funding from Kima Ventures, you will have received a unique tracking code for your company. Enter this code in the field above and click Track to find out where you currently are in Kima's evaluation process.

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Our process explained:

  • Dealflow: all companies we consider are added to our dealflow, here everyone on our team will vote to determine if we should take a closer look;
  • Review: at least one of our team members has show interest in your company and we'll review the status of the business for suitability for investment;
  • Analysis: someone on our team has been assigned to analyze the company in detail, here we'll request more data and usually set up a call or meeting;
  • Negotiation: we'll discuss internally whether to proceed to making an investment offer and then negotiate the terms of the investment with the founders;
  • Closing: we've committed to invest in the company and agreed the terms, the legal paperwork is in the process of being completed and signed;
  • Closed: everything is signed and the funds have been wired, the company has been onboarded as part of the Kima portfolio.

Below you can see the number of new companies we've reviewed in the last week and the number of companies that currently sit at each step of our process.

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